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App now in review

This is a short  update, app is finally in review. 🙂

iTunes connect has a nice iOS app which sends push notifications on status change.

The notifications have to be enabled, they are not enabled by default. You do that in your iTunes Connect user settings page.

Where to ask people to review your iOS app

App is still waiting for review.

I’m already thinking about ways to promote it. I’ve found this link, which may help other people in a similar situation:

If your app is a game, also checkout this list:

The above is a list of many websites that handle iOS app reviews, ranked by how popular they are. I plan to send an email to many of those, maybe not all, but as many as I can.

I will also ask / nag my contacts that have a lot of US / other countries contacts to share a picture made with my app, or share the app on Facebook, things like that.

Paid advertising is out of question, but I’m still thinking of sending emails to well known people, and if any of them likes the app and shares it, it’ll still be a good thing.

If only Apple would finish the review already…

First steps in iOS development

I want to get serious about this blog 🙂

I’ll start documenting how my journey into iOS is going. That’s aside from my daily job as a Java and Web Developer.

I created an app, and submitted it to the Apple App Store. It’s currently in review, since Tuesday – today is Thursday. I noticed days are passing slower when your app is in review.

For the curious ones among my 0 readers, here’s a link to it’s website:

After / if it’s approved I’ll let you know how I plan to promote it, how I’m actually promoting it, and how it all goes.

Being a Christmas Greeting App, and having just 2 weeks until Christmas, I’m not sure it’ll be such a great hit (due to time limitations), but I still have my hopes up, because I think I built a quality app with quality content, and that people might just notice that, and use it. Maybe even buy the premium version.
Average app review times are in the 7 days area, so here’s to 5 more slow passing days.